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Mavise - curated • handcrafted • design

Mavise - curated • handcrafted • design
Timeless art of home...
Historically, art has served as a storytelling medium since the beginning of time. Over 35,000 years ago, prehistoric peoples used earth pigments of red and black to paint organic patterns and figures onto cave walls, allowing them to convey stories about a time that is now 35,000 years ago. Art can transport us back in time and place while also changing the way we interact with our surroundings.
From a blank canvas...
Image Source: Instagram @ooaa_arquitectura
Curated • Handcrafted • Design 
Art that exudes classic style, sophistication and goes beyond the confines of the frame. Art that can transform our environment and convey our stories. 
Curated collections that are consistence with creating chic, luxurious and timeless accents, inspired by our everyday surroundings. 
Image Source: Instagram @yoyobabcn
Handcrafted, distinct and contemporary choice of wallcoverings that exude style, warmth and humour to your home, whether you choose to use them as a serene backdrop or a dramatic feature wall.
Our curated collection which includes pieces by designers, graffiti artists, and tattooists, appeals to the expressive possibilities of the home environment.
Whether you are drawn to minimalist design or dramatic murals, graphic modernism or history and romanticism, our unconventional wallpapers will add texture and depth to your home, tempting you to settle into the room after a long day at work with a glass of wine in hand.
Design, whether in the realm of furniture or interiors — should be thoroughly researched, thoroughly considered, and expertly implemented. Achieving a recognisable balance of warmth, comfort, timelessness, and subtle elegance is the pinnacle of achievement.
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