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Curating the illusion of depth and dimension in your home

Curating the illusion of depth and dimension in your home
The need for space is particularly acute for persons who live in more urban settings, whether in a townhouse or an apartment. There are a variety of techniques for creating the appearance of depth and space in a home, regardless of how narrow or small the area.
Selecting the right wallpaper can make a huge impact in a small space. There are endless options of stunning wallpaper alternatives available that will complement any mood you want to create in your area.
Wallpaper can influence the way light reflects the space, and as a result, alter the entire ambience of the room. 
Here are three perspectives to consider.
 I) Overlapping and Layering
There is an optical illusion of depth and space created when some elements in a composition are partially obscured by others. Abstract wall murals are the easiest way to accomplish this look.
Landscape murals with elements of layering the planes of the foreground, middle ground, and background lend to the illusion of space.
II) Linear Perspective
An art technique discovered by the Renaissance artists to realistically portray space and depth. 
'Futura' by Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings
III) Detail and Texture
The way a space makes you feel is strongly influenced by its use of texture as it will provide depth and dimensions. 
Horizontal stripes are an excellent approach to generate depth to a wall, even creating a 3D illusion. Horizontal stripes on a wall can make a room with low ceilings appear taller by making the ceiling appear higher!
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