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The Patina Aesthetic

The Patina Aesthetic

Drawing inspiration from a curated collection of European antiques, vintage furniture and building materials paired with refined accents, bringing the outside world inside, earthy tones and a muted color palettes forges emotional experience in spaces, and promoting a sense of calm.

Designed by  Brooke & Steve Giannetti

The protagonist in achieving the patina aesthetic in interiors lies in the layering of textures, materials and finishes to enhance character and a sense of timelessness in what is obviously a contemporary space. The palette of taupes, ivories and earthy tones with a hint of the weathered, distressed surfaces bring soulfulness to rooms that span all stylistic tendencies.

Image Source @rymuppet⁠

This art of mixing rustic and refined furnishings, using modern and antique items creates a patina aesthetic.

Designed by Brooke & Steve Giannetti

What materials will you use to exhibit character with age?

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